Les Luxemburger

Author and Creator, Concept Artist, Writer, Creative Director

I am the Creator and writer of Earth Charter and have spent the past 12 years honing my skills as a visual artist, writer and visual storyteller. I am a passionate visual artist, art educator, animator and visual storyteller, who applies acrylic paint, conte, graphite, pastel and ink to paper, canvas and board. I explore ecological and environmental issues within my art, including the mediums of graphic novels and animated shorts that convey urban angst, the nature-urban divide and issues of ecology and urbanity. I grew up restless in the suburbs of Brampton, and was a product of both boredom and my weekend explorations of the wilderness of the Kawartha Lakes, which I actively draw upon for inspiration. Most recently, my urban series explores the loss of cultural memory, species at risk and nature adaptations. I am the owner and director of ART on the Go, a visual arts instructor at the Varley Art Gallery and graduate of both Sheridan College and York University. Les Luxemburger, MES www.lesluxemburger.com Tel: 647-782-7845 e: leslie.luxemburger@gmail.com

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